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Straight to the exit

Straight to the exit it's basically a puzzle type game, where you need to move a ball in order to reach for the exit door. During you play the game, you will find that the levels will become much harder and you'll also have to avoid different obstacles! There are skulls that will try to stop you from traveling trough your mission. Also, there are doors that are locked, so you'll need to collect different keys in order to unlock them! By the way, you can collect some little white dots and earn points! Each dot will increase your score by 15. NOTE: MUSIC IS DISABLED BY DEFAULT, YOU CAN ANYTIME ENABLE IT BY PRESSING THE "SPEAKER" ICON IN THE UP LEFT CORNER. Enjoy! :) ...


A score game with physics gravitation. The higher score, the better. When any ball collides with the edge, the game is over. ...


You need to get the ball out of this box. Just rotate the box and ball will fall out. ...